Each day, our agile coaches are focused on client issues, helping to spot and solve the impediments and barriers to agile implementations. But once in a while, these same coaches stop what they are doing and recharge their collective batteries at BVCon.

BVCon is our name for our company retreat, a time for team building where coaches, staff, trainers, and a few lucky guests gather to learn, laugh, and lean on each other. As one coach put it, “It helps to remember that as I leave here to return to my engagement, I have each one of you behind me, ready to support me.”

Team Building Day 1

This year’s BVCon started with some tribal story telling, a brief look at where we began, what we’ve accomplished, how we’ve struggled, and what we hope to accomplish in the future. It included a call to action, a rallying cry for us to band together toward some company objectives and help achieve some lofty goals. Amidst the facts and figures were anecdotes that made us laugh and look back with nostalgia. The evening concluded with card games, billiards, quiet talks, and walks by the ocean.

BigVisible Team Building by the Ocean

BigVisible Team Building at Play

Team Building Days 2 & 3

Days two and three found us planning our open space-style conference, where various people propose sessions and invite others to join. From leadership agility and agile event planning to advanced ScrumMaster training and enterprise lean startup workshops, our coaches and staff took advantage of every opportunity to work and learn together.

Team Building Means Working Together BigVisible

One of our favorite evening activities was an off-site trip to Amesbury Park for snow tubing. Even the most serious among us took a turn sliding down the icy hills on an innertube. Though the ride up the conveyer belt was not for the faint of heart, we all enjoyed spinning, laughing, and screaming our way down the slopes!

Team Building Snow Tubing

Team Building and Snow Tubing BigVisible

All Good Things Must End

The conference concluded with some circle time that we call Appreciations. Those who felt compelled to do so praised some person or activity that had particular meaning for them during the week. Some took advantage of the safe space to note improvements we could make or opportunities we shouldn’t miss. All of us, though, remarked that coming together and forming bonds is a key part of our culture, one we can’t imagine doing without.

Team Building Means Eating Together

As the sun sets on another BVCon, we return to our homes and clients, exhausted but inspired, emptied out yet filled up. As we begin to plan our next gathering, we wonder, what sorts of activities does your team do to work hard and play harder together? Talk back to us! We’d love to hear from you.