July 23, 2014

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BigVisible Culture

The BigVisible Culture

What is the BigVisible culture? At BigVisible, our coaches work as a team. We communicate frequently and contribute to our communal knowledge. We meet in person several times a year to reconnect, recommit, and re-energize.

  • We believe in the agile principle of minimal multi-tasking. Our agile coaches have one client at a time so they can focus full-time on that client’s success.
  • We are much more interested in people, ideas, and processes than tools.
  • We try to match each coach to a client in his or her hometown. This helps us minimize commute time and maximize community involvement.
  • Because we have a large team of agile coaches, we can grow to meet client needs.
  • We know and have experience with large-scale enterprises (and large-scale problems)

BigVisible’s mission is to inspire companies across the country, and around the world, to achieve sustained success through agility and to continually innovate and delight their customers.

The BigVisible Culture from BigVisible Solutions on Vimeo.

What Our Coaches Have to Say

Brian Bozzuto, agile coach, on BigVisible culture
Darrin Ladd, agile coach, on BigVisible culture
Bob Fischer, agile coach, on BigVisible culture

Ways Our Coaches Work Together

We have at least one retreat each year (we call it a BVCon), where we all gather in one place and spend a few days learning from each other and recharging our coaching batteries.

At the last few retreats, we’ve dedicated one day as an Innovation Day, a practice we use at many of our client sites. During that time, we have 24 hours to accomplish the following:

  • Choose something you consider innovative
  • Work with at least one other person
  • Create something you can demonstrate by the end of the day

Within that environment, we self-organize into teams and choose their goals. Last year, a team of us created this video as our Innovation Day project. Our goal was to capture the look and feel of a typical Innovation Day and explain the concept.

We had many other Innovation Day projects at BVCon, ranging from a Kanban simulator to a website to test the viability of an agile training space (www.Shufactori.com). We used agile principles, open space, Kanban boards, and principles from Lean Startup and Customer Development to plan and execute our projects.

After our Innovation Day demos at BVCon, we experience hardy rounds of applause, a lot of high fives, and a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Plus, we have a healthy respect for each other’s ideas, talents, and insights. Sound like something you’d like to be a part of (or something you’d like to institute in your own company)? Drop us a note and we’ll be happy to tell you more.

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