April 24, 2014

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BigVisible Management Team

BigVisible Management Team, Giora Morein, agile coach
Giora Morein

Giora is a principal Agile Coach,
Co-Founder of BigVisible Solutions, and a member of the BigVisible management team.
He specializes in rapidly ramping up new
Agile and Scrum teams through practical training, hands-on mentoring, and coaching.

The programs Giora develops focus on
all aspects of Agile, including principles,
practices, and strategic thinking.

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BigVisible management team, Jim Cundiff, James Cundiff
Jim Cundiff

James Cundiff (Jim) is a co-owner and
principal of BigVisible Solutions, with more than 25 years of experience leading public/private ventures, start-ups, and
international organizations.

Before joining the BigVisible management team, Jim held various executive-level staff, advisory, and board positions with nonprofit and for profit organizations.

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