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Agile Trick or Treat – Terrifying Tales From a Coach in the Crypt

‘Tis the season for ghost, goblins and cute children seeking treats. Halloween is the time to delight in all things creepy and crawly! An Agile Coach, however, sees scary things year round. These are a few of the scariest things and what can be done about them. Eeek! Zombie Product Owners Product Owner is a
Release Planning Workshop

The Product Wall Release Workshop

Multi-team Release Planning, as it is often executed, fails to bring alignment beyond one-time, inter-team coordination. When the “Chief Product Owner” arrives with just descriptions of features, the teams don’t learn the connection between features and value. The Product Wall Release Workshop brings together all the elements of business needs, user experience, value proposition, dependency

Velocity Is Like A Helium Balloon

Lately I have had many conversations about team velocity. Most of these conversations have had an element in them about increasing team velocity. Questions and statements like, “How can I get the team to increase their velocity?” or “We must complete an additional 20 points this sprint.” Often these ideas are accompanied by extensive velocity

Random Issues in the Agile Transformation Bridge

The other day I was thinking about the problems I have been seeing with clients. My thoughts expanded from the current team and organization concerns to more general scope of experiences with other transformations. Below is the resulting list of ideas, in no particular order and without fanfare. Let’s talk about it if you’d like

The Dangers of The “All or Nothing” Plan

There is a pattern seen in the business world and especially in the requests that come into IT departments. Customers, stakeholders and product management provide a list of features. The list is “all or nothing.” If the product doesn’t have all of the features it will have zero value. People with such plans will also have

The Release Plan: The Who, What, When, Why and How

The release plan is the team’s current understanding of what features are going into the next release of software, how many effective developers are deployed on it, and the current status of the development effort. But how do you go about planning that release, especially if you don’t know your velocity? In this video I’ll
Securing Succesful Deliveries

Securing Successful Deliveries – An Agile Case Study

When it comes to delivery challenges, that’s our speciality! Here’s an agile case study about a firm who hoped to implement agile practices, wanting to reduce overtime and significantly increase on-time deliveries. Just the Facts: The Challenge: Launch six agile teams and help them move toward on-time quarterly releases The Client’s Goals: Use agile development
big user stories

What Big User Stories Could be Telling You

User stories are intended to be a high level description of some functionality. It is, however, common to find user stories growing into specs or large use cases that resemble whatever the organization used to do, back when they did large requirements documents. Comments like “The stories are not detailed enough to start development” or

Video: Thoughts On Agile Design with Dave Gray and Alan Dayley!

Gamestorming is one of the foundational books on interactive and highly collaborative meetings. Dave Gray, one of the book’s authors, has begun working on a new book titled “Agile Design Principles.” He is interviewing various people who work and write about Agile ways of working. I was pleased to be interviewed. Our discussion ranged fairly