Agile Changed Their Lives…From The Trenches of a CSM Training Class

As a long-time agile coach and trainer, I have had the privilege of teaching many types of agile courses, but more recently, I’ve been focusing on Scrum certification training for BigVisible. I teach certification classes available to the public, as well as private engagements with our customer organizations. Not too long ago, a request came

Self-Organization: The Secret Sauce

In the last decade, I’ve become quite a foodie. My ever expanding waistline is proof of this. I enjoy trying new types of food, and appreciate a meal that was carefully prepared to excite my taste buds. One of my favorite shows is Top Chef and I find myself watching the Food Network more than

Agile Coaching Is (All) About People

“You’ve not only made things better, you have truly changed our lives.” These are the words that every agile coach yearns to hear from the people they work with. While it’s always a goal of mine to change the mindsets of clients, I have had mixed results over my five years as an agile coach.

Agile Delivery: From ScrumMaster to Team Coach

Several weeks ago, one of my colleagues at BigVisible brought up an interesting concern around agile delivery and the ScrumMaster. How is, he asked, that there are so many ScrumMasters out there who are unprepared for their role on a team? As I thought about it, I realized that the two-day CSM course basically introduces

Agile Accountability

This was a great week at BVCon, our bi-annual company gathering where we build relationships, show experiences, and learn from each other. These events are core to our values and success, as it brings our virtual company together not only physically but also emotionally. While I have always enjoyed and treasure this time together, in

The Flywheel of Organizational Agility: Enablement Teams

The Challenge When I ask people if agile principles and methods have helped their teams with delivery and execution, most of them are quick to acknowledge that they have. These same people, however, often go on to describe the challenges they’ve faced in scaling agile or in their enterprise transformation. They share various organizational impediments

The Value (and Curse) of Velocity

Take a look at a recent article I wrote in Projects@Work (login is needed but it is free registration).  In this article, I talk about the misconceptions around velocity and how it should be used with teams. Velocity can be used for bad and good, find out what it takes to apply it effectively. Article:

Effective Daily Meetings

This entry is the first in a series  drawing upon some of the practical experience of BigVisible coaches in the field. In support of consultants, individual coaches may bring forward questions and challenges they face. We have edited and distilled one or more conversations on a topic into a format outlining a specific challenge, concrete

Executive Patterns: Becoming a Catalyst for Change

In our last newsletter, we conducted a poll asking the following question: “How much executive support do you get for your Agile initiative?” The results were encouraging, as 36% believed they were getting all the support they needed. The remaining 64% had some support, but could use more. Everyone that participated in the poll indicated