Breaking Gantt Webinar Follow-up Questions

If you missed our latest webinar, Breaking Gantt – Project Reporting in Agile Transition by Dave Prior check it out now. Following the presentation we received an overwhelming amount of questions, we were able to get to some of them before time ran out. The rest can be found below. Have more questions? Let us

Demystifying the Language of Commitment

Making and keeping commitments is often a controversial topic within organizations. In my experience commitment-making is more challenging than it might seem on the surface and a lot of bad feelings and unfulfilled expectations arise because people lack some of the basic tools in the language of commitment. A commitment exists in language. “If you

Why does Agile Obsess about Product Features being 100% Done?

High functioning agile teams are able to complete stories in an iteration. Newer teams struggle, with stories spilling over from iteration to iteration. Why does this matter? Well, focusing on things being done is an effective approach to risk management. When something is 100% done, you’ve eliminated some risk associated with the development of your

Agile Enablement: Leadership Everywhere is Essential for an Agile Organization

Leadership is an essential ingredient for a high-performing, self-organizing agile team, but not necessarily in the way leadership is traditionally envisioned, with a designated individual providing the leadership. On agile teams, leadership is expected of all team members. This is a relatively new and potentially challenging idea to grasp, but once mastered can lead to

Lean Startup Metrics and Analytics to Support Innovation and Learning in the Enterprise

At BigVisible we’ve been helping companies improve the way they work; HOW they produce technology products for well over a decade. We’ve seen amazing improvements in organizations’ ability to release quickly, accelerate time to market, improve quality, and engage in faster feedback cycles for better products and less waste. As your delivery capability becomes more

Enterprise Lean Startup Webinar Series: Metrics and Analytics to Support Innovation and Learning

Join us for the next installment of our Enterprise Lean Startup Webinar series: ” Metrics and Analytics to Support Innovation and Learning”. Evan Campbell will introduce several of the measurement frameworks commonly used to define the critical levers to your business success, and methods for validating changes to your product through observed changes in usage.
Release Planning Workshop

The Product Wall Release Workshop

Multi-team Release Planning, as it is often executed, fails to bring alignment beyond one-time, inter-team coordination. When the “Chief Product Owner” arrives with just descriptions of features, the teams don’t learn the connection between features and value. The Product Wall Release Workshop brings together all the elements of business needs, user experience, value proposition, dependency
su wizard

Su the Wizard – a short walk with a “Scarce Resource”

    You know Su. Su’s the person everyone needs all the time.  As you scale Agile, or any other development approach, you face the age old challenge of optimizing the return from high value scarce “resources”. The variety of well-intended, logical, and marginally unrealistic solutions you can try range from Lean based allocation models
Agile 2014

The Personal Agility Canvas – by Dave Prior at Agile 2014

Dave Prior presented on The Personal Agility Canvas at Agile 2014.  Conference attendees were so excited about the talk and the tools presented that we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to learn a little bit more about the topic! See the session description below as well as the tools presented by Dave – If