Agile 2014

The Personal Agility Canvas – by Dave Prior at Agile 2014

Dave Prior presented on The Personal Agility Canvas at Agile 2014.  Conference attendees were so excited about the talk and the tools presented that we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to learn a little bit more about the topic! See the session description below as well as the tools presented by Dave – If

Velocity Is Like A Helium Balloon

Lately I have had many conversations about team velocity. Most of these conversations have had an element in them about increasing team velocity. Questions and statements like, “How can I get the team to increase their velocity?” or “We must complete an additional 20 points this sprint.” Often these ideas are accompanied by extensive velocity

Why You Should Limit “Work in Progress”

Why You Should Limit “Work in Progress” Sometimes I sit down at the end of a day or even a week and am dismayed that I don’t seem to have really accomplished anything. I know I was very busy and I know I was working hard on important things, but why don’t I have anything

Random Issues in the Agile Transformation Bridge

The other day I was thinking about the problems I have been seeing with clients. My thoughts expanded from the current team and organization concerns to more general scope of experiences with other transformations. Below is the resulting list of ideas, in no particular order and without fanfare. Let’s talk about it if you’d like

Better Agile Meetings Through Questions

If you happen to be in a meeting with a written objective and agenda, the agenda will have items like “review the plan”. It sounds reasonable. But it is, in fact, very likely to waste your time. Why? Simply, there is no definition of success, so you could talk about the plan for hours and

Enabling Cross-­Organizational Learning Through Communities of Practice

Becoming an agile organization and continuing to improve over time is best supported by cross­organizational learning. People share their successes and failures and help each other get better. Communities of practice, created and managed by peers, with a focus on particular topic of shared interest are a powerful tool for getting this going. The Challenge

Why Busyness Is A Problem and Throughput Is Important

Throughput is the rate at which an organization realizes its goals – sales, client retention, employee engagement or learning outcomes. Something only counts toward your throughput rate when it’s in a client’s hands and you are getting the benefit (e.g. revenue). Many organizations suffer from the illusion that busyness results in better throughput, but that

My Minimal Viable Meal (Or The Value of a Minimal Viable Product)

Many years ago my wife and I had a nice dinner at Petrossian in Manhattan, so when I got in my mind to have a nice dinner a few weeks ago I decided to go back. “Sir”, I said to the waiter, after reviewing the menu, “Can I please have an appetizer of your Royal

The Risk of Writing Too Many User Stories Too Early

I’ve often seen new teams try to write detailed user stories for every feature in a release before it really makes sense. The reason you adopt agile is that you expect to learn through experience. When you write all your user stories up front, you may have stories that need to be discarded because new