Coaching and Scaling

Holisitic Agile Coaching

Team and project-level Agile adoption is instrumental to improving delivery performance. In order to get lasting and consistent benefits, any Agile implementation and coaching strategy should stretch across the organization.

BigVisible has developed a holistic Coaching Spectrum – The BigVisible Way™ – that ensures support, mentorship and coaching across the various organizational levels.



  • Get Ramped Up Faster
  • Apply a Holistic Strategy That Considers the Entire Enterprise
  • Experience Measurable Results Quickly
  • Receive Real-time Expert Mentoring
  • Increased Business and Technology Alignment
  • Implement Agile in a Way That Fits Your Organization
  • Ensure That Principles and Practices are Correctly Applied and Executed
  • Dedicated Focus on a Successful Roll-out and Continued Maturity
  • Standardized and Scalable Approach Across the Organization
  • Access Deep Experience in Every Coach

Types of BigVisible Coaching

BigVisible will assess the current state of your team or project to help you determine where we should concentrate our efforts.


Need help getting started? Our expert agile coaches offer team-level training, guidance and mentoring in agile tools, practices, and processes.

Program and Portfolio

Ready to move beyond 1-2 agile teams? Our certified experts help you choose, tailor, and implement the right  program and  portfolio scaling approach for your organization.


Want to extend agility across the enterprise? Our coaches work with you to envision and implement strategic goals and plans across your entire organization.

Scaling Agile

Success is contagious. Once agile teams begin to deliver high-quality software at a rapid pace, most companies want to spread the winning model across an entire program or portfolio. Large-scale agile implementations introduce unique challenges and complexities. and require unique solutions. You need a partner with the expertise to quickly get multiple teams ramped up on a new process or set of practices. Someone who knows how to coordinate the workflow and cadence of many teams, so that everyone is moving toward one shared goal.

Our expert coaches can apply a single scaling model or leverage the elements of many – to give you the most effective way to launch and grow your Agile adoption across the enterprise. We leverage our market-tested approach and deep experience to help navigate towards a successful and sustainable implementation. We can help you find the optimal scaling approach for your organization.


Scaled Agile Framework Model

Our coaches can help you implement elements of SAFe, such as a lean pull system, value streams, and agile release trains, to achieve a more predictable cadence across multiple teams and a heightened visibility into workflow and capacity constraints.

Disciplined Agile Delivery

Our agile coaches can introduce you to the (DAD) process decision framework for agile solution delivery.  From its expanded role definitions to its three-phase delivery lifecycle, our coaches can show you how to apply elements of the DaD framework to ensure that all of your many moving parts work together seamlessly.

Large-Scale Scrum

Our agile coaches can introduce you to the necessary roles to deal with the complexity scaling brings, as well as show you how to divide your many teams across requirement areas for optimal flexibility and maneuverability.

Achieve Results

Discover the power of investing in an agile coach.


Of our customers experienced improved speed-to-market


Escape the 75% of agile projects that fail when they try to go it alone


85% of our customers saw immediate benefits from engaging with our services

The BigVisible Difference

The BigVisible difference means that we commit to our customers and ourselves the highest level of service and quality in all our engagements. Our goals and reputation are driven by our relentless pursuit of excellence.

We know what it takes to effect long-term change and achieve lasting, impactful results.

Experience the BigVisible difference.

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