Postcard From the Field: “It’s beautiful. Wish You Were Here to Share Our Agile Success!”

Over the course of the last couple of months, I’ve been working with a client who is interested in changing their approach on how to handle what they term as “Big Rocks” in IT for planning, execution, and delivery.  We had our first demo and retrospective yesterday, and I felt a tear of joy in

Effective Lean Portfolio Management – Stopping The Thrash To Make Some Cash

I was lucky enough to be involved with a mid-sized client recently who happened to be in the medical insurance analytics industry.  Lucky is maybe a weird way to say it.  The engagement was one of the hardest I’ve been involved with in recent memory.  But as I look back, the outcome was so satisfying

The Capacity for Change – An Agile Case Study

Improving quality and speed-to-market, two of the most common challenges an organization can face. Now get 10 teams to meet that challenge and scale it further in order to better visualize the work flow across the business. Maybe even set up a few “enablement teams” to make sure that success is sustained. Here’s an agile

All About Agile: Giora Morein’s Interview with Money For Lunch

Earlier this month, I was interviewed by internet radio show, Money for Lunch. The program introduces leaders, authors and innovators to a business-minded audience focused on business and financial news. I spoke with Bert Martinez regarding the topic of agile. We went over some of the basics, such as: What is agile and Scrum? What

Curiosity as a Leading Indicator of Agile Adoption Success

As I reflect on how engagements go, I’ve come to ask myself, “Why do some teams and organizations take to agile adoption better than others?”  It’s a tough question.  But one that is important to me as an agile coach and how effective I am. Especially in the context of how to get better at

Mind the WIP to Become Effective, Not Merely Efficient

Mind the WIP to Become Effective, Not Merely Efficient “Efficiency is doing things right, while effectiveness is doing the right things.” We’d all like to be efficient.  We’d love to show our boss how cheaply we can get something done, compared to all her other options.  We’d like to have extra time, maybe to clean

But It’s Just a Simple Matter of Coding – How Hard Could It Be?

Many times, I hear business people (such as Product Owners) bemoan how expensive software development is.  And the brutal truth is that for anything non-trivial, software costs a ton of money to develop.  I happened upon some numbers for a fairly simple but elegant iOS app called “Twitterrific”.  Twitterrific is a client to the Twitter

The Essence of Agility: Becoming Safer by Controlling Less

The other day, I presented at Agile India 2014 on the topic of “Pivoting Your Organization to Become Agile Testers”. Near the end, when I was tying up all the points in the talk, I was speaking about wastes that come from “big batch thinking” and gave an analogy off the cuff (and way off

The SAFe Framework: Rigid & Prescriptive? Or Adaptable & Evolving?

SAFe: Rigid & Prescriptive? Or Adaptable & Evolving? The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a hot topic in the Agile community these days. The Coaches and Consultants at BigVisible, like many elsewhere, have been debating the pros and cons of the SAFe framework for a year or two now. We’ve attempted to dispassionately compare and