The Release Plan: The Who, What, When, Why and How

The release plan is the team’s current understanding of what features are going into the next release of software, how many effective developers are deployed on it, and the current status of the development effort. But how do you go about planning that release, especially if you don’t know your velocity? In this video I’ll

All About Agile: Giora Morein’s Interview with Money For Lunch

Earlier this month, I was interviewed by internet radio show, Money for Lunch. The program introduces leaders, authors and innovators to a business-minded audience focused on business and financial news. I spoke with Bert Martinez regarding the topic of agile. We went over some of the basics, such as: What is agile and Scrum? What

Agile Changed Their Lives…From The Trenches of a CSM Training Class

As a long-time agile coach and trainer, I have had the privilege of teaching many types of agile courses, but more recently, I’ve been focusing on Scrum certification training for BigVisible. I teach certification classes available to the public, as well as private engagements with our customer organizations. Not too long ago, a request came

The Role of Scrum Master – A Permanent Position?

As agile frameworks grow in both popularity and widespread use, especially with Scrum leading the way, Scrum Masters have grown in popularity with companies, and we see an increase in job postings specifically for them. However, we have to understand that “being” an SM is not a position to occupy, it’s living up to a

What Big User Stories Could be Telling You

User stories are intended to be a high level description of some functionality. It is, however, common to find user stories growing into specs or large use cases that resemble whatever the organization used to do, back when they did large requirements documents. Comments like “The stories are not detailed enough to start development” or

Scrum Meeting Success for Distributed Teams

In a previous blog, I discussed ways to make distributed daily scrum meetings more effective. This blog reinforces those ideas and provides additional tips to run successful scrum meetings with geographically distributed teams. Productive, timely, 15-minute Daily Scrum meetings, remain a challenge. As many practitioners will attest, co-located Daily Scrum meetings are nearly as challenging

Agile Transformation: Go Faster, But Not for the Reason You Think

A common reason people give for undergoing an agile transformation is that their projects will “go faster.” When most people think of faster they think of getting all the work done sooner. And they are not wrong to think that way. A recent industry survey  and other sources point to increased productivity as one of the

ScrumMasters and Agile Transformation: Are We There Yet?

After you finished your first CSM class, you probably felt that the ScrumMaster role was pretty simple. Facilitate a few meetings, keep everyone true to Scrum—how difficult can it be? We’ve found that most people return from introductory Scrum training feeling like they can easily add a few ScrumMaster duties to their current responsibilities with

Lessons in Agile Development from a Wooden Train Set

I should be working on continuing my posts about Lean Startup and the Enterprise, but Winter Storm Nemo has had me pretty close to home for this weekend and given me the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the house with my kids. For those of you who don’t know my children, they