Teams Need Business Models, Not Business Plans

I don’t read a lot of fiction, but when I do, it’s a 100+ page business plan attached to a 5-year spreadsheet with numbers that all go up and to the right. As a result, the business plan has unfortunately become the main character in success theater. It’s rarely read and understood by executives, but

The Enterprise Build-Measure-Learn Network

Build -> Measure -> Learn loops are often broken in large organizations, mostly due to the fact that functional silos do not enable validated learning. These functional silos, coupled with large batch builds, often result in measurements being conducted on an ad hoc basis in isolation without context. Networks Enable Validated Learning If you do

Validated Learning and Systems Thinking

The lean startup concept of validated learning is quite effective a means for measuring our progress in an uncertain area. We can create a hypothesis and then test it, ideally with market feedback, to validate or invalidate the theory. This provides a concrete framework for evaluating if a new concept in an emergent domain is

Validated Learning in Agile Projects

A recent question about sprint goals got me thinking about the lean startup concept known as “validated learning” and how something like this applies to agile projects. Eric Ries describes the concept of validated learning as:   “not after-the-fact rationalization or a good story designed to hide failure. It is a rigorous method for demonstrating