July 14, 2014

Agile Coaching Blog

The BigVisible Difference

Why Choose BigVisible?

The BigVisible difference means you don’t just get one coach. You have access to one of the largest collaborative teams of transformation experts in the world. BigVisible knows what it takes to effect long-term change at Fortune 1000 companies. Our coaches have hands-on experience with large (and small) efforts in a variety of industries.

The BigVisible Difference from BigVisible Solutions on Vimeo.

Experts – The Best People

The BigVisible difference means that we commit to our customers and ourselves the highest level of service and quality in all our engagements. Our goals and reputation are driven by our pursuit of excellence in the field of organizational transformation and organizational agility. To accomplish this we make sure to find the absolute best coaches, consultants and trainers; create an environment that fosters their collaboration and growth; and provide them with meaningful, challenging work.

Focus – We Do One Thing

The BigVisible difference means we specialize in doing one thing: Helping companies increase their organizational agility and innovation. Each of our coaching, consulting, and training offerings are pin-pointed toward helping clients succeed in their change efforts. By having this single focus we are constantly able to refine and improve our organization’s ability to impact our customers’ success.

The Power of One; The Strength of Many

The BigVisible difference includes an integrated coaching model that allows almost every one of our coaches to be fully dedicated to a single client. This means that each dedicated coach is solely focused on a single organization’s goals, pains and challenges. This also allows our coaches to be onsite, providing real-time coaching at the exact moment when teams and leaders are dealing with problems and opportunities. We realize that true learning moments cannot be scheduled. By having our coaches integrated in our client’s environments they are assured to be there providing in-the-moment support and guidance. That’s the Power of One.

At the same time, our network of experienced coaches allows us to bring diverse expertise to our clients: from leadership agility (complexity, management/executive coaching, leadership mentoring), to Theory of Constraints and systems thinking to organizational development and beyond. Our broad knowledge base is complemented by our work with teams, including product management, team process coaching, technical mentoring, and collaboration. That’s the Strength of Many.

Holistic Approach – The BV Way™

The BigVisible differences means we believe that true transformation and organizational agility requires a holistic approach.  The BigVisible Way™represents our comprehensive approach to enabling agility and innovation. This is achieved by ensuring a balanced focus on execution and delivery as well as business/product strategy, organizational structure, policy and culture, and organizational leadership. We help teams and leadership improve their delivery and execution by creating a collaborative environment between IT and Business. Additionally, we work with product owners and stakeholders to define and execute their product strategy and with executives to help them become better leaders who think holistically and exhibit catalytic leadership qualities. We also work with others groups, like HR, Corporate Finance and Validation, to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and sustained success. Only by addressing all of these areas can we achieve lasting, impactful results.